Your look at the month ahead.

By Lauren Studebaker

Welcome to November, and welcome back to your monthly art-adjacent horoscope column! With a new selection of artworks on Platform comes a month filled with intrigue and transformation – classically Scorpio.

We begin the month with both the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, and the new moon joins them on November 4, setting the stage for an intense and mysterious few weeks. Be prepared to do some deep-dives in the parts of your chart (and therefore, your life) that Scorpio controls – which I'll expand on below – but be mindful to not let any obsessions or destructive thought patterns influence your decisions. This is the perfect time to recharge after what was surely an exhausting last month. Celestial clashes occur in the middle of the month, specifically on the 10th, 13th, and 17th that could bring unexpected news or developments, but remember that necessary changes are being made.

A full moon lunar eclipse occurs in Taurus on November 19, which will be an excellent opportunity to begin to find closure in the areas you've explored over the last month. This spiritual or environmental cleansing will set you up for the Sun's transition into adventurous Sagittarius on November 22, providing us all with a collective breath of fresh air just in time for holiday travels and new endeavors. The end of the month brings with it a slew of positive planetary aspects that will encourage us to make merry and take chances into December.

Aries + Aries Rising:

Last month was marked by activity in your close partnerships, Aries, and Scorpio season allows you to deepen and evaluate these connections. During the beginning of November, it will be important to keep an eye on your internal seismograph for any subconscious or intuitive stirrings, especially on November 4 and 5, where a new moon and the passage of Mercury into Scorpio provides an opportunity to integrate these insights into meaningful transformations. Also on the 5th, Venus enters Capricorn: for the rest of the month, you'll have confidence in your career and public-facing persona that make for harmonious conversations with colleagues and supervisors. However, be cautious of any tensions within friendships or group affiliations on November 10 caused by conversations where you feel your needs are not being considered.

Unexpected changes related to your finances or agreements/contracts with others may occur on November 17 and could contribute to an ending in one of these areas during the intense full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 19th. Don't worry, Aries; even if this change seems overwhelming, the Sun's move into the sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd will bolster your signature optimism and give you the opportunity to focus on new adventures through the beginning of December. Harmonious and attractive celestial movements on the 29th and 30th will foster the perfect environment for an outing with a group of friends or colleagues, rounding out an intense month with a positive outlook moving forward.

Aries, transformation is in the cards for you this month: you have the ability to dive deep and understand the motivations and necessary changes in your closest partnerships. Your internal landscape is vivid, much like the imaginary worlds in E'Wao Kagoshima's Xulf, a drawing that references the artist's intuitive practice, "inviting viewers to dive deep into complex narratives of a cultural subconscious." By using your intuition as a guide, you'll reach similar subconscious depths and find new ways to bridge any gaps between yourself, your environment and your partners.

Taurus + Taurus Rising:

This month promises to be one filled with activity in your closest relationships (romantic or otherwise), as we enter November with the confident Sun and fiery Mars in Scorpio, the sign that rules over the part of your chart that influences those partnerships. Take time to meditate on actions you can take to enhance your connections during the new moon on November 4: the planetary movements of the following few days will allow for you to have any necessary conversations you've been putting off, or to spend alone time with a special someone outside of your regular routine. Some challenges may occur on the 10th of the month, where tense interactions between Mercury, Mars and Saturn might force difficult conversations where you'll feel the need to stand up for yourself.

Any tension that arises in your partnerships this month will end in reward if you take the steps to assert yourself and your needs, and the full moon in your sign on November 19 will bring the perfect opportunity to release any insecurities or unbalanced relationships that no longer serve you. When the sun moves into adventurous Sagittarius on the 22nd, you'll find the work you did in your relationships earlier in the month will help you shift your focus to going deeper in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy with others. Mercury enters Sagittarius as well on November 24, allowing for you to use your words to be emotionally vulnerable (and seductive!) until December 13.

This month has you focused on stabilizing personal relationships, and finding ways to make these connections find new depths. It's important to remember that the most transformative relationships in your life need not be romantic. In Emilie Gossiaux's The Kiss, the artist depicts the "deeply personal and symbiotic bond she shares with her non-human companion," her guide dog, London. This work, psychologically and emotionally resonant, describes many qualities the relationship takes on at different points – at times, their bond is maternal, spousal, emotional and practical. Take time to meditate on the insights you'll be given regarding your relationships this month, Taurus, and you'll be able to more deeply understand the different roles that both you and your partners (in their many forms) occupy in your closest relationships.

Gemini + Gemini Rising:

Is late autumn your favorite time of the year, Gemini? I wouldn't be surprised if so. Libra and Scorpio season are creative and romantic times for you, and this November is sure to reflect that. The month begins with a new moon in Scorpio on November 4 in the part of your chart that influences your daily routine and health. Stimulated by the spiritual influence of Uranus, take time to rest and think about significant changes you can make this day and you'll be sure to feel rejuvenated and balanced. You might feel a bit obsessed about a new diet or workout routine you're trying, or feel a bit overwhelmed by deadlines until later in the month; be assured that you'll have the cosmological support you need to get everything in tip-top shape. Pay special attention to any unexpected messages that come your way on November 10, 13 or 18, as connections between your ruling planet, Mercury, and other planets could reveal deeper truths about others' motivations, or spark an exciting new career opportunity.

You're intelligent and social, Gemini, but sometimes you can find it difficult to slow down and do the necessary work needed to nourish your deeper self. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 lights up the part of your chart that affects your dreams and spirituality. Be aware of any intuitive inklings around this time, as they'll be an effective indicator of the state of your subconscious. After this personal check-in, the Sun and Mercury move into your opposite sign of Sagittarius (on the 22nd and 24th, respectively), shifting your attention to your significant other or other close relationships. The next month is sure to be an exciting, optimistic time for love and partnerships, so enjoy!

This month is all about building and transforming routines and structures in your life, Gemini. In Tomory Dodge's Prairie, energetic and rhythmic brushstrokes investigate form and "inherent physicality in the act of painting and in painting itself." This month, you'll have the energy to design your life with a similar dynamism, enhanced by the mercurial and playful energy you possess – the Gemini signature.

Cancer + Cancer Rising:

Feeling lustful, Cancer? Need an outlet for all of the buzzing creative energy building up inside of you? Here's why: November opens with the Sun and Mars – both high-energy planets – in the section of your chart that influences pleasure, love, and creativity, and they're both in your fellow water sign of Scorpio, which motivates your desires to *go deep*. You'll be able to do just that around the 4th and 5th, where the new moon and Mercury's transition into Scorpio join the party, brewing the perfect concoction for conception of some sort – creative or otherwise. Venus also enters the sign of Capricorn during this time, encouraging harmony and stability with a significant other for the coming weeks. This libidinous energy carries on through the rest of Scorpio season, but be aware of going overboard on the 10th or 15th, when celestial clashes could make yourself or your partner feel restricted or insecure.

As the sign most sensitive to the motion of the Moon, be aware of the full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19. You may feel emotionally raw after putting out so much energy over the last month, and this event is likely to move your attention back to yourself and your needs. As the sun moves into the fire sign of Sagittarius on November 22, your awareness shifts to your mundane responsibilities and your well-being. Use the next few weeks to get your things in order, and plan for the year ahead. Harmonious energy surrounds your relationships on November 30, which has the potential to be a perfect day to make a long-lasting commitment or to learn something new and exciting about those closest to you.

Take Nicole Wittenberg's drawing, The Phoenix 2, as a guide. Suspended in a body of water, this plein air work evokes sensation, and the "immersive feeling of a singular moment." Bask in the fleeting pleasures you're provided this month, Cancer – the planetary influence of early November encourages you to celebrate the pleasures of creation – and of the flesh.

Leo + Leo Rising:

You're the Sun personified, Leo: bright, outgoing, and generous. But during Scorpio season, your ruling planet and Mars are nestled into the part of your chart that prioritizes your private life, both internally and domestically. The first week of the month will offer opportunities for romance and a few party invitations, but with the new moon on November 4 and Venus and Mercury's moves on November 5 (into Capricorn and Scorpio) you'll feel that it's important to shift your focus to the internal by taking care of your day-to-day schedule and starting projects that improve your living spaces. Being inside doesn't mean taking it easy, though: Mars and the Sun will give you the energy to do some pre-holiday decluttering, brush the dust off of your Peloton, or to finally paint your cabinets.

You'll be grateful that you took care of your to-do list at the beginning of the month, Leo, because on November 22 the Sun enters Sagittarius. As a pair of fire signs – Leo and Sag – you'll be the life of the party, and an abundance of distilled creative and romantic energy will follow you everywhere you go. Make art, host your family's Thanksgiving, and sing karaoke at your hometown bar if you're visiting home. The 29th and 30th will be especially ripe for collaboration and creativity, as well as building foundations for commitments in the coming months. Perhaps there's someone you met at the beginning of the month that you've been thinking of? Call them, the odds (and stars) are in your favor.

You may need to be reminded that there is much power in solitude, Leo. Much like the contrast between still life and figuration in painting, it's the moments of stillness and calm that allow us to recognize the kinetic potential of the body in space. In Tom Anholt's Berlin Flower series of paintings, the artist moves away from his signature figurative mode of painting to meditate on passing time, thus exploring "solitude, and the delicate, unspoken moments of being through a poetic lens." This month, I encourage you to take the needed time for yourself to reset and reflect on what observations you may have missed while you were focused on being in motion.

Virgo + Virgo Rising:

I imagine you're feeling a bit of relief after the confusion of your ruler, Mercury's, retrograde last month. Expect any hiccups you experienced in communication or finances to begin to clear up this month, allowing you to focus on the mercurial aspects of your life. You start the month with the Sun and Mars in the part of your chart that rules over communication, learning and short adventures; use the fertile energy of the new moon on November 4 to dive into a new writing project or by teaching yourself a new skill. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and Venus begins her journey through fellow earth sign Capricorn, boosting your creative output. I know you tend to be a bit pragmatic, Virgo, but the first few weeks of November afford you the energy (and slack) to really enjoy whatever you're working on. Make like a romantic and indulge in a bit of flaneurism during this time: stroll with no objective around your neighborhood on the 12th, 16th and 18th. I guarantee the influence of outer planets Neptune and Pluto on those days will send you jolts of clear, distilled creative ideation.

Let the ideas you've been brewing all month climax during the full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19, lighting up your 9th house of higher learning, ideology, and travel which provides you with a bigger picture that could potentially shift your worldview, or bring a concept to fruition. When the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22, your focus will shift to your home and hearth. The 29th and 30th provide the perfect atmosphere to invite some new friends over for dinner, exchange ideas and enjoy the well-deserved break in your well-established routine that this month has provided you with.

The process of learning isn't linear, Virgo, as much as you'd like it to be. The mind makes rhizomatic connections between ideas that grow and flourish when you expand your horizons. Take Melanie Smith's Nube 10, a dreamy painting of clouds against a blue sky. Smith aims for her work to be considered in dialogue with other media like video and images in movement, thinking of painting "as a thought process that echoes or creates tangents" across these other formats, and referring to the canon of art history. Use the freedom you're afforded this month to explore different paths of ideation, Virgo, and you'll be rewarded with the gift of nuance.

Libra + Libra Rising:

What makes you feel secure, Libra? Do you need a certain amount of money in savings, or maybe you adhere to a certain set of personal values that you hold close? Scorpio season will have you asking yourself these questions, and during the new moon on November 4, take time to work on a budget or research investments that may be worth making, and be cautious of overspending while Mars is in your house of finances. This ideation will help set the stage for *money moves* over the course of the month. Your ruler, Venus, moves into Capricorn which rules over your house and home, where she will remain for the coming months. Bunker down – Venus controls money and beauty, so you might find yourself in a new remote work situation, redecorating, moving or making moves to buy property.

While the beginning of the month sets you up for future domestic bliss, a lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus occurs on November 19, facing off with your earlier conclusions about values and finances, asking you to go deeper. Have you been selling yourself short, especially in Venusian areas like relationships and self-worth? If you've been negotiating a contract or dealing with an inheritance of any sort, expect closure around the full moon as well. When the Sun moves into the expansive sign of Sagittarius on November 22, you'll be in a better position to honestly articulate what you really need to friends, colleagues and romantic partners for the rest of the month. On that note, if you don't feel motivated to travel over the holidays and prefer to stay home, consider inviting some friends and neighbors to enjoy a casual night in your space. The roots you're planting this month will begin to bloom in December, promising a full bounty in 2022.

Although external influences (capitalism, anyone?) may drive us to FOMO-induced overproduction and exhaustion, this month, Libra, I again encourage you to focus on taking it slow and shoring up the foundations of a life that embodies what you truly want. It's okay to let yourself disconnect to reconnect. In Erin O'Keefe's photograph Leaning and Standing, she questions spacial perception by flattening three-dimensional forms into two-dimensional images. Sometimes trying to mold your desires or values into a socially-constructed set of restrictions skews your perception of what you actually need (and want), and it takes pensive periods to perceive the misalignments that have occurred.

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising:

Happy birthday, dear Scorpio! I got your postcard from the underworld – sorry I couldn't make it to your bacchanal, I was busy writing these horoscopes. How are you feeling? Your ruling planet, Mars, joined the Sun in your sign on October 31 – which presides over your first house of ego and identity – providing you with quite a bit more energy for the next few months. If you don't find appropriate channels to burn off your additional confidence and physical reserve – I won't give suggestions because we all know how your sign prefers to go about that – you might find yourself acting impulsively or turning any aggression in on yourself in a critical manner. The new moon in your sign on November 4 opposes the independent and destabilizing Uranus, shaking up your sense of self and making you more sensitive. I recommend taking this day to meditate on how to overcome any hang-ups or ego bruises that may be affecting your ability to commit, or open yourself up more in personal relationships. November 6 and 12 would be perfect days to celebrate your birth month, as celestial exchanges ensure you'll have harmonious interactions with friends and lovers.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Taurus on November 19 could shake up your close relationships; full moons often mark the ending of a cycle, and influences from independent and individualistic Mars and Uranus might motivate you to cut out any partnerships that no longer interest you, or gain closure from an ex-lover. When the Sun leaves your sign for Sagittarius on November 22, I advise you to direct your energy and confidence into entrepreneurial ventures. The next month is primed for financial gains; take special note of any conversations you have in these areas on November 28 and 30, as they may lead to abundant opportunities.

Since it's your birthday, Scorpio, I'm gifting you with a look at the work of Kevin Tobin. In paintings like Bat Legs (Piss Slit), Scorpio inclinations abound. Tobin's work details his intimate words by questioning historical threads of fictionalized malevolence, peeling off surface layers for an interior view (the artist often works with x-ray imagery), and brooding on topics like extinction. Go deep, Scorpio, and bask in your unique propensities for examination and independence that are bolstered this month.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising:

You're the zodiac's adventurer, dear Sagittarius, but how often do you detach from intellectual pursuits and expansion to explore the dark waters of your subconscious desires? The Sun's travel through the sign of Scorpio is like a trip through the underworld for you. Joined by Mars (and Mercury on November 5), your focus will be on your 12th house of dreams, secrets and the unconscious. Perhaps make use of a dream journal, and be sure to keep tabs on any psychic or intuitive downloads that come to you during this period –especially during the new moon on November 4, as these unconscious messages will be extremely useful as your season rolls around later in the month. Venus moves into Capricorn on November 5, where it has an extended stay in your house of finances and values. This is an especially harmonious time for acquiring wealth and surrounding yourself with beautiful things and ideas; the full moon in Taurus on November 19 makes a supportive connection to Venus as well, allowing you to shake up your routine to better suit your desired lifestyle.

The sun enters your sign on November 22. Any internal or foundational work you accomplished earlier in the month will begin to materialize in your reality, making for a month of enhanced confidence and attention. You're sure to be feeling attractive and capable during this time, and any conversations you have after the 24th are much more likely to go smoothly as you feel articulate and verbally aligned with your interior landscape of desire. Harmonious planetary interactions during the last two days of the month would be a wonderful time to plan a birthday celebration. Invite a group of friends to your neighborhood karaoke bar, book a hotel for a staycation with your partner, or visit a museum (be sure to read all of the exhibition texts, where you'll be sure to find something inspiring).

While your ruling planet, Jupiter, influences you toward outward expansion, the beginning of the month is an important time to turn inward. Andrew Chapman's use of optical illusions and otherworldly arrangements in paintings like Fulcrum incorporate forms that are at times both abstract and evocative of distant memories. The otherworldly sensation emanating from these works is not unlike what's bubbling below the surface of your highly-active mind, Sagittarius, and I encourage you to spend time observing what emerges from the depths of your psyche in the process.

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising:

Welcome to November, Capricorn! While last month saw your focus on finding balance between your career and home life, this month promises a buzz of activity surrounding exciting collaborations within friend groups and other affiliations. The new moon on November 4 opposes electric Uranus. This is a wonderful opportunity to start a new creative project or altruistic endeavor that directly engages the hopes and dreams that you may sometimes neglect. On the 5th, Venus enters your sign for an extended vacation. Over the next few months, you'll be feeling attractive. This is an opportune time to seek out new romantic connections (or deepen your existing partnership), make changes to your appearance, and make peace with any difficulties you may have in your relationships with others and yourself. However, take care not to let your ego – bolstered by both Venus and Mars – get you involved in any power struggles or attempts at controlling others' actions. Take note that November 6 is a particularly supportive day for networking and calming the waters with a friend or colleague, and November 12 is especially supportive of creative production.

Things will begin to shift for you during the full moon lunar eclipse in your fellow earth sign Taurus on November 19. Around this time you may have a long-awaited creative project come to a successful close, or see a shift in a romantic connection you're engaged in –especially if you're in the midst of a friends-with-benefits situation. The sun moves into the sign of the archer, Sagittarius, on November 22. For the next month, you may feel a bit reserved and tired. This is a wonderful time to rest and work through any (potentially subconscious) coping mechanisms in anticipation of your upcoming solar return (AKA your birthday). At the end of the month, trust your feelings and capability to make decisions. Do some journaling or pay attention to your dreams and any psychic inclinations on November 28 and 29 – these will feel especially resonant when you reflect on them in December – and connections from the Sun and Mercury to your ruling planet of Saturn on November 30 will give you especially good judgment when it comes to matters of personal values and finance.

As the zodiac's big boss, you're independent and results-driven, Capricorn. Totally fair, but this month gives you the opportunity to exist with an awareness of history and your place as a member of a changing society. The figure in Marius Bercea's Untitled (Sun Cafe)sits alone in a "quotidian scene of pensive withdrawal in the modern social era." Painting has long depicted the changing social spheres in which we operate, and the current shift toward wary disillusionment is clear in Bercea's work. I encourage you to take stock of ways in which you may feel disenchanted by modern society and begin to implement meaningful changes to deepen your connections with friends and affiliations. I guarantee you'll find it easier to manifest your hopes and dreams while surrounded by the kinetics of collective motion throughout history.

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising:

In the tarot, Aquarius is represented by The Star – a positive omen that signifies hope for the future, renewed optimism and inspiration. It's been a difficult few months, but November provides you with the opportunity to center yourself and truly shine in any public-facing ventures this month. The new moon on November 4 brings the potential for a new career venture where you'll be able to take the lead. Mercury enters Scorpio (and into your house of professional success) on November 5 for the next three weeks, making this an excellent time for public speaking, making a 5-year plan, and for conversations with your colleagues and supervisors. A harmonious connection between Mercury and Venus on the 6th would be an opportune time to ask for the raise you've been hoping for, or for a networking meeting. Be on the lookout for any unexpected news regarding your professional position or living situation on November 13.

A full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 will bring closure in your family or home life; this could mean finalizing plans for a move (perhaps relocation for work), or the resolution of a disagreement with a loved one. When the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius on November 22, your focus will shift from career into your friendships and group affiliations, opening the door for new collaborations and altruistic opportunities. Plan an outing with friends or colleagues on the 28th, when the Sun and Mercury meet in the sky, providing an air of conviviality and adventure.

Hope and future planning abound this month, and this is a perfect time to use your many talents to position yourself for advancement. Observe the compositional energy of Trudy Benson's Space III, where the flattened forms appear to emerge and expand in a dynamic application of material. Benson's career as a painter "transcends the typical narrative of digital art by moving beyond the computer screen onto the canvas," and recognizes the importance of growth and evolution in artmaking. Aquarius, you have all of the tools you need to take up a new venture or make your dreams a reality – you might just need to take a risk to get there.

Pisces + Pisces Rising:

The perils of last month's Mercury Retrograde put a damper on everyone's plans, but November promises a time of adventure, as the Sun in Scorpio lights up the part of your birth chart that encourages expansion in the form of higher education and travel. In the first week of the month, around the new moon on November 4, you might find yourself visiting a friend or long-distance partner. Mercury and Venus enter the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn, respectively, on November 5th, setting the stage for intellectual growth. This is a wonderful time to sign up for a class or start research for a new project: if you're finishing up graduate school applications, these planetary motions are going to be wonderfully supportive in that endeavor. The 10th gives you a cutting perspective and mental agility, but be careful not to impart your dogma too strongly on others.

Your ruling planet, Neptune, is in your first house of self, allowing yourself to fully embody your dreamy, creative proclivities, and the planet's harmonious aspect to quicksilver Mercury on the 18th will have your intuition ablaze. Be sure that any psychic inclinations or nuance you detect around this time is remembered in the coming weeks, as this is a good opportunity to detect hidden motivations or see the true colors of a situation. A full moon and lunar eclipse happens in the sign of Taurus on the 19th, bringing closure to a situation that involves a sibling, friend or a neighbor – perhaps an ideological difference or distance-related miscommunication has put you at odds? This could be the time to resolve it. The sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22, and whatever you learned over the last month will be useful when you begin to integrate it into your career and public-facing pursuits. When the Sun is joined in the sign by Mercury on the 24th (and when they meet in the sky on the 28th), there's potential for exciting communication with colleagues, supervisors, or in a public speaking setting.

You'll be a pro at information absorption this month, Pisces, as you're keen to learn and expand your perspectives. The more you take in, the more you'll be able to see repeating patterns across all areas of information and culture. In zHwi Hahm's drawings, like Grilled Mackerel (sorry, I know you're the fish of the zodiac – I promise this is not a threat!), the enduring profundity of mythologies in contemporary society is presented in "heterogenous symbols drawn from a number of sources: fairytales, bestiaries, mythology and allegories." A pursuit of expansion is my directive this month. Follow where the river takes you and explore all of the avenues that branch off of the information superhighway.

Lauren Studebaker is a writer and trained astrologer based in New York, and works as the social media coordinator and content creator at David Zwirner. For more information, and to book an astrological consultation, visit her website at