The artist takes us across Abbey Road, through her lush garden and out for lunch during one busy day in London.


7:30 AM

I wake up around this time almost every day.

8-10:30 AM

Doing sketches, having some hot lemon water, taking care of the flowers and garden. These days, I am making sketches for the works in upcoming shows in De Brock Gallery, Belgium and in Sapling Gallery, London. Sketching is an essential part of my process. I am always trying to challenge the conversation within the works of the show already by setting the language of forms that I manifest throughout multiple drawings.

Then, I water plants in the garden.

10:30-11:30 AM

Babysitting and walking Gosha, the Pomeranian dog baby of my friend Masha Mel. We usually go for a walk in the Violet Hill Gardens near where I live through the Abbey Road Beatles Crossing.

11:30 AM

Bringing Gosha back and seeing Masha and Yulia at the steps of Masha’s place on Abbey Road. Then, I get going on my way to the studio.

12:00 PM

Getting a coffee right next to the tube on my way to the studio.

12:35 PM

Arriving at the Studio at Finsbury Park.

12:35-2:00 PM

In the studio. Making a painting plan for the day and putting some new layers on the paintings.

Color working table–preparing the color groups.

Observing the shades of green and thinking of the next paint layers.

Carrying on with painting–filling in the bluebell flower drawing with a shade of Caribbean turquoise.

2:00 PM

Getting to Big Jo for lunch.

3:00-11:00 PM

Painting in the studio/a couple of zoom conference calls until very late at night.