The artist takes us across Abbey Road, through her lush garden and out for lunch during one busy day in London.

7:30 AM

I wake up around this time almost every day.

8-10:30 AM

Doing sketches, having some hot lemon water, taking care of the flowers and garden. These days, I am making sketches for the works in upcoming shows in De Brock Gallery, Belgium and in Sapling Gallery, London. Sketching is an essential part of my process. I am always trying to challenge the conversation within the works of the show already by setting the language of forms that I manifest throughout multiple drawings.

Then, I water plants in the garden.

10:30-11:30 AM

Babysitting and walking Gosha, the Pomeranian dog baby of my friend Masha Mel. We usually go for a walk in the Violet Hill Gardens near where I live through the Abbey Road Beatles Crossing.

11:30 AM

Bringing Gosha back and seeing Masha and Yulia at the steps of Masha’s place on Abbey Road. Then, I get going on my way to the studio.

12:00 PM

Getting a coffee right next to the tube on my way to the studio.

12:35 PM

Arriving at the Studio at Finsbury Park.

12:35-2:00 PM

In the studio. Making a painting plan for the day and putting some new layers on the paintings.

2:00 PM

Getting to Big Jo for lunch.

3:00-11:00 PM

Painting in the studio/a couple of zoom conference calls until very late at night.