Bill Arning Exhibitions (BAE) was founded in 2019 by curator Bill Arning following a career that spanned four decades in the nonprofit art worlds of Cambridge, MA, New York City, NY, and Houston, TX. BAE opened its first gallery space in a highly-visible storefront in October 2020 in the Montrose neighborhood in Houston—the spiritual heart of the city’s alternative and gay community. The gallery hosts traditional art exhibitions and events like poetry readings, dance, burlesque, and stand-up comedy shows, ushering in a distinctly new chapter in Arning’s curatorial practice. In the summer of 2022, BAE opened a second space in New York’s Hudson Valley in an old storefront in Kinderhook, NY, which caters to the art-inclined former residents and weekend visitors from New York City. Together, BAE’s Houston and Hudson Valley gallery spaces offer established and emerging artists a full range of opportunities to present their work and reach audiences.




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