CULT Aimee Friberg is a contemporary art gallery for cutting-edge work by emerging and established artists, founded in 2013 by curator Aimee Friberg. Since its inception, CULT has created a platform for rigorous work that is both experimental and attuned to the social complexities of the present moment. Through gallery presentations, offsite exhibitions, artist conversations and multimedia events, CULT engages a broad Bay Area and international audience with programming that encourages artists—especially women, people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities—to take risks with their work. Conceived as a commercial gallery that would engage its audience beyond the white cube, CULT has become renowned for its provocative exhibition programming, as well as radical performances and critical dialogue between artists, curators and critics. CULT founder Aimee Friberg understands her role as a bridge between artists making critical work about the social moment, and those who are deeply inspired by such work. From the beginning, CULT has been rooted in the unseen, those forces that challenge us to recognize our essential interconnectedness. In this particularly heightened moment, Friberg invites the artists and the close community she serves to commune together with intention and to move beyond perceived differences and ideologies. In this way, CULT is a safe space not only for artists to experiment, but also to witness one another in our collective becoming. CULT San Francisco is housed within Yves Behar’s global design firm fuseproject (1401 16th St., San Francisco, California). A second space, CULT Bureau, opened in November 2021 in Temescal Oakland, California providing a more intimate, salon-style experience for visitors.


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