Established in 2018, Make Room is a contemporary art gallery owned and directed by Emilia Yin. Situated at the heart of the Hollywood neighborhood in Los Angeles, the gallery is made up of two exhibition spaces with an outdoor courtyard and garden. Supporting artists actively engaging with cultural identity, conceptual practices and global perspectives in their works. Make Room promotes art across a wide range of disciplines, with a particular focus championing female, emerging and artists of color. The gallery serves as an international platform for exhibiting experimental works and telling a diverse range of stories. Not limited to a physical gallery, Make Room actively works to generate new possibilities and support its artists’ ambitious projects and new bodies of work, frequently collaborating internationally—particularly in Asia. Make Room is proud to represent Peng Ke, Xin Liu, Catalina Ouyang, Miguel Angel Payano, Jr., Astra Huimeng Wang, Guimi You and Yuri Yuan.


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