RUSCHMAN is a contemporary art gallery located in Chicago, IL. After several years of operating as a roving curatorial endeavor, in 2020, the gallery program opened its first brick-and-mortar location in Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood. The gallery hosts approximately eight yearly exhibitions at its first location and participates in numerous worldwide art fairs. The gallery presents thoughtful solo and group exhibitions that heavily promote the practices of under-represented artists, including but not limited to BIPOC, womxn, queer, and disabled artists. In September 2021, RUSCHMAN opened a second location in Chicago called RUSCHWOMAN. Our second exhibition space is run collaboratively with Matt Morris and is a more artist-run, DIY venue. RUSCHWOMAN's objective is to invite feminist-oriented dissent into the marketplace. The gallery program is curatorially and commercially minded and is oriented toward care, support, critical inquiry, and strategic de-hierarchizing and decolonizing. Most of all, RUSCHWOMAN is witchy, provocative, experimental, and irreverent.



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