Christoph Rossner

Roßner’s paintings exist in a dreamlike state, living in a borderland between the familiar and the otherworldly. Fascinated by the arrangement of ordinary things in their environments, the artist employs motifs that have emotionally touched him to create “landscapes of the soul.” Roßner’s elusive narratives blur representation with abstraction and are often stuck in the past—or even fall out of time.


Christoph Roßner was born in 1982 in Zwickau, Germany.

Exhibitions of Roßner’s work at museums and institutions include: Oblomow at the Leonhardi-Museum in Dresden, Germany; Heft eins (with Jakob Flohe) at FAK Förderverein aktuelle Kunst in Münster, Germany; and Anonyme Zeichner at Kunstraum Bethanien in Berlin, Germany. 

Solo and two-person exhibitions of Roßner’s work include: Time is on my side at Romer Young Gallery in San Francisco, California; Gewinner & Verlierer at dst.galerie in Münster, Germany; and two artists you should know (with Lucie Freynhagen) at Zygote Press in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Group exhibitions that have shown Roßner’s work include: Two to Tango Two at Sperling in Munich, Germany; Société at C.Rockefeller Center in Dresden, Germany; WIN/WIN at Ankäufe der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Halle 14 in Leipzig, Germany; ALL STAR CAST at Galerie Baer in Dresden, Germany; and Habeas Corpus at Halsey McKay Gallery in East Hampton, New York.

Roßner has received several awards and residencies, including: the Zygote Press Residency in Cleveland, Ohio; and the “Heimspiel” Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen Scholarship. 

Roßner´s work is included in the public collection of the Bundeskunstsammlung Contemporary Art Collection of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Roßner lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.