Jasper Marsalis

Jasper Marsalis’ paintings, sculptures, music and texts examine the role of the artist as a performer. The similarities between the canvas and the stage are explored in compositions that suggest both flatness and depth. Los Angeles-based Marsalis uses history, representation and identities—including Blackness—to create a spectacular and fractured illusion, while simultaneously questioning its effect.



Jasper Marsalis, born in 1995, is an artist and musician based in Los Angeles, California.

Exhibitions of his work include: Stadium, a site-specific anti-monument, at Malcolm Yards in Minneapolis, Minnesota (2020); ♫ A star like any other — at Kristina Kite Gallery in Los Angeles, California (2020); ♪ A star like any other — at Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota (2019); and Flash blindness at Svetlana in New York City (2018). 

Marsalis’ work was also featured in Young, Gifted and Black: The Lumpkin-Boccuzzi Family Collection of Contemporary Art at Lehman College Art Gallery in the Bronx, New York (2020).

Crater Speak, an artist’s book produced in collaboration with Midway Contemporary, was released in 2019. 

Under the moniker Slauson Malone, Marsalis released the albums Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak) in 2020 and A Quiet Farwell 2016-2018 (Crater Speak) in 2019.