Mieke Marple

Artist, writer and activist Mieke Marple’s work investigates narrative and sexuality through a feminist lens—exploring both social issues and their emotional resonances. The artist’s paintings feature a neon palette and repurpose older European imagery while speaking to the 21st-century femme experience. Marple’s work explores the undoing of millennia-old patriarchal ideology in the contemporary moment.


Mieke Marple received a BA in Fine Art from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2008.

Solo exhibitions of Marple’s work include: Tarot Reckoning (2021); and Bad Feminist (2019-2020) at Ever Gold [Projects] in San Francisco, California; and God is an Audiobook at 1301PE in Los Angeles, California (2019). Medusa Collection is the artist’s ongoing large-scale project in the Metaverse.

Group exhibitions that have shown Marple’s work include: Pantheon at Arts of Life in Chicago, Illinois (2021); Twisted Dream in Los Angeles, California (2021); and Carbon Drop on Nifty Gateway (2021).

Marple’s work has been written about by The New York Times, W Magazine, The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, and Autre, among other publications. 

Marple has written essays for Zyzzyva, Artsy, and Matrons & Mistresses

Through various charity art auctions, Marple has helped raise: over a million dollars for Planned Parenthood LA; a quarter million for prison abolitionist organization Critical Resistance; and 6.6 million dollars for Open Earth Foundation. 

Marple was the co-owner of Night Gallery in Los Angeles, California from 2011–2016. 

Marple is represented by Ever Gold [Projects] and lives and works in Los Angeles, California.