Tina Schwarz

Tina Schwarz’s sarcastic and darkly humorous paintings are both explorations of personal questions—including love and the celebration of life—and examinations of current sociological, psychological and political issues. The artist’s dynamic compositions feature expressively bent and transformed figures in spaces that the protagonists dissect, organize and animate. Drawing from ancient myth and philosophy as much as from our contemporary moment, Schwarz’s works are steeped in riddles; they are allegorical and dynamic processes immersed in their time, critically engaging viewers as they lead them floating through a dream.


Tina Schwarz was born in 1977. The artist studied painting at the Academie Beeldende Kunst Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Solo exhibitions of Schwarz’s work have taken place at: Slag Gallery in New York City (2021 and 2018); Galerie Kornfeld, in a two-person show with Robert Fry, in Berlin, Germany (2017); MARTINETZ Gallery in Cologne, Germany (2016); Slag Gallery in New York City (2016); Galerie Artepari in Graz, Austria (2015); Galerie Marc Schmidt in Berlin, Germany (2014); Galerie alex51 in Maastricht, the Netherlands (2014); TEAPOT Gallery in Cologne, Germany (2013); Kunstwerke in Cologne, Germany (2013); and the TEAPOT Gallery in Cologne, Germany (2011). 

Group exhibitions that have shown Schwarz's work include: Paper Positions Berlin, a two-artist exhibition (2019); Volta Basel in Switzerland (2019); Not Dark Yet, a group exhibition at Kunsthaus Muerz in Mürzzuschlag, Austria (2018); Berlin Calling/works on paper at Galerie Kornfeld in Berlin, Germany (2018); the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Benefit Auction in New York City (2018); the Rema Hort Mann Foundation in Los Angeles, California (2018); We Could Be Heroes at MPHQ London/Cologne Project Space (2017); Future Former at Hooper Projects in Los Angeles, California (2016); DRIFTS at Slag Gallery in New York City (2016); and 20 Jahre Kunstgruppe at Salon in Cologne, Germany (2016); among others.

Schwarz lives and works in Cologne, Germany.