The collaborative duo known as The Velvet Other World (VOW) creates intricate drawings that explore themes of transformation and protection. VOW repetitively sands down heavyweight paper and then recoats it with layers of charcoal—a process that reflects their depiction of bodies transfigured by armor and other encasements. Inspired by fetish fashion, queer photography and art deco glassworks, VOW’s drawings combine broad yet distinctive visual influences with an idiosyncratic technical language.


The Velvet Other World (VOW) is a collaboration between artists Joshua Allen (born 1995 in Andover, Massachusetts) and Katrina Pisetti (born 1996 in Austin, Texas). The duo began working together after developing a close friendship while studying printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.

How Long Shall I Have to Wait, an exhibition of VOW’s work, took place at Kapp Kapp in New York City in 2021.

VOW is based in Providence, Rhode Island.