Rendered with extreme flatness, this painting makes an everyday household object in a familiar setting appear surreal – a signature of the artist.

① Artwork:

Grease Trap

This painting makes the everyday grease trap appear surreal with the extreme flatness of its composition. Noel regularly explores domestic items in her practice, elevating commonplace elements by placing them in settings that are difficult to recognize. The compact nature of her panels helps viewers explore the relationship between themselves and handheld objects.


12 inches
6 inches

③ Artist:

Alexandra Noel

Los Angeles-based Alexandra Noel paints fantastical image assemblages that blend the surreal and the familiar. Her compact panels explore the relationship between the body and handheld devices by cropping and resizing images. In her work, domestic objects and other commonplace elements are often placed in imaginary settings and tragic scenarios.

Alexandra Noel:
Grease Trap, 2019
Oil and enamel on panel
6.0 × 12.0 inches /