In an ongoing series of oil paintings, the artist investigates various types of couples as well as the union of a kiss as a symbol of deeper transformation. This work is one of several she has created which depict scenes from Baz Luhrmann’s film Romeo + Juliet.

① Artwork:

Heads Above Water

Cook is interested in the potential of romantic passion to result in dissolution of the self, as well as the tragic or violent outcomes of unchecked devotion, which she explores in an ongoing series of oil paintings.

Cook's work explores the psychological territory of memory, ecstasy and grief. Her work builds a symbolic visual language that turns everyday moments into poetic, meditative or mystical narratives.


48 inches
36 inches

③ Artist:

Carrie Cook

Carrie Cook paints moments of transcendence and divine intervention. Through a rigorous process of mining and reviewing her personal photo archive, she creates paintings that explore the psychological territory of memory, ecstasy and grief. Her artworks get built with a symbolic visual language and turn poetic, everyday moments into meditative or mystical narratives.

Carrie Cook was born in Nashville, TN, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She received her MFA in studio art at The University of Houston in Houston, TX, and her BFA in studio art at The University of Texas in Austin, TX.

The artist has mounted recent solo exhibitions at Goldfinch Gallery in Chicago, IL (2023), and Tyler Park Presents in Los Angeles, CA (2020).

Her recent group exhibitions include Shrubs at Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2022); Lazy Days of Summer at Make Room, Los Angeles, CA (2022); LA Dreams 3 at CFHILL, Stockholm, Sweden (2022); and In-Between the Flurry at Below Grand, New York City, NY (2021).

Carrie Cook:
Heads Above Water, 2022
Oil on canvas
36.0 × 48.0 inches /