A pencil drawing of psychedelic creatures thrashing wildly and yearning to be free, channeling the madcap energy of the decaying counterculture.
Framed: 22.8 x 22.8 in.

① Artwork:

2 Weeks Madness

This pencil drawing channels imagery from Mad Magazine and the madcap energy of the decaying counterculture. Tense, anxious conspirators, these psychedelic creatures are confined in the interiors of their own minds. Thrashing wildly, they are explosively yearning to be free. 


15.9 inches
15.9 inches
with frame
22.8 inches
22.8 inches

③ Artist:

Jeffrey Joyal

Jeffrey Joyal lives and works in New York and is known for his delicate touch in a range of materials and processes, from taxidermy to printmaking and life casting. Joyal’s work mines the nostalgic relics of counterculture while illuminating the failures of the hippie generation and the false optimism of past utopias.

Jeffrey Joyal:
2 Weeks Madness, 2021
Graphite on Dur-O-Tone paper
15.9 × 15.9 inches /