This small work, somewhere between a wall relief painting and a mounted sculpture, is made from layers of fiberglass mesh, toilet paper, bamboo, glue, paint and gold leaf. The composition demonstrates Lupo's interest in the mysterious and coded functions of language, text and symbols.

① Artwork:


This small work is part of a series made from layers of fiberglass mesh, toilet paper, bamboo, glue, paint and gold leaf. These works exist somewhere between wall relief paintings and mounted sculptures. Each one demonstrates Lupo’s interest in text, language and symbols in their most mysterious and coded functions. Lupo treats these elements like precious notes from another world, and is drawn to imprinted candy wrappers, game boards and calendars. The artist installs this ephemera with tiny pins into the top corners of the composition, similar to the way a rare insect or antique map would be presented. These radiant compositions also reference Lupo’s larger Teller sculptures in a more modest scale.


17.75 inches
13.75 inches

③ Artist:

Nancy Lupo

Nancy Lupo’s artworks and installations draw our attention to often overlooked everyday objects, materials that deeply affect our understanding of the world. Her work frequently examines the mysterious and alien character of text, language and symbols. Los Angeles-based Lupo explores the potential for confusion to be a slow force that is both unsettling and full of potential.

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Sydney, Sydney Sydney, BEAT ME BITE ME WHIP ME FUCK ME, 2020

Nancy Lupo:
calendar, 2020
Toilet paper (Angel Soft Pretty Prints ©1984, Family Scott Floral ©1977, bamboo skewers, fibergalss mesh, Elmer's Glue, mica pigments and gold leaf
13.8 × 17.8 inches /