This painting is made from washes of colored ink across linen, with forms created out of spills of pigment. The work of the artist is framed as a narrator whose own recollection is disjointed and occluded by the passage of time.

① Artwork:

The Landfill

This painting is made from washes of colored ink across linen, with forms created out of spills of pigment. The artist employs a wet-on-wet ink technique and a two-part studio process that injects a certain undecidedness in the eventual outcome of each work. The artist's compositions often feel incomplete or uncomfortable, and frame the work of the artist as a narrator whose recollection is disjointed, piecemeal or obscured by the passage of time.

Kamps is a poet and painter whose work explores recollection, fabulation, and the perception of narrative—while unhinging the artist's expected role as the operator of meaning. The artist's works joyfully dawdle in a space between what is read and what is seen, between what is felt and what is thought. In this negative space of non-connection with the self, Kamps' paintings disrupt diaristic or visionary interpretations—casting light on both as mere genres for play and invention.


15.75 inches
19.75 inches

③ Artist:

Paula Kamps

Poet and painter Paula Kamps’ works are uncomfortable and incomplete reveries. The artist employs a wet-on-wet, ink-on-canvas technique and a two-part studio process that relies on indeterminate outcomes; the resulting compositions feature figures and faces formed out of spills of color, with arms and hands emerging from masses of pigment. Kamps' work explores fabulation, treating the artist as a disjointed narrator whose recollections are eventually occluded by the passage of time.


Paula Kamps was born in Cologne, Germany in 1990. The artist studied at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany, as well as philosophy at the Freie Universitat Berlin in Germany.

Solo exhibitions of Kamps’ work have taken place at: Mine Project in Hong Kong, China (2022); M. LeBlanc in Chicago, Illinois (2021); Sans titre (2016) in Paris, France (2020); Spazio Nea in Naples, Italy (2018); Kunstverein Heppenheim in Heppenheim, Germany (2019); and Kunsthaus Mettmann in Mettmann, Germany (2014); among others. Gone Home, the artist’s collaboration with Fanclub dance collective, took place at Lille Carl in Copenhagen, Denmark (2012). 

Group exhibitions that have shown Kamps’ work include: She Came To Stay at Andrea Festa Fine Art in Rome, Italy (2021); Ich liebe Dich geh weg at Potsdamer 103 in Berlin, Germany (2018); I can bite the hand that feeds me and gently caress it too at Carbon 12 Gallery in Dubai, UAE (2018); and A solo show on planet earth, with Andr Butzer and Josef Zekoff at Sunday-S in Copenhagen, Denmark (2018).

Paula Kamps:
The Landfill, 2022
Pigments, ink and airbrush on canvas
19.8 × 15.8 inches /