This landscape painting depicts an abundance of flowers and other vegetable matter floating in the sky on a candle-adorned silver tray. The artist very lightly primed the linen canvas to allow its texture and character to show through.
Framed: 16.8 x 12.8 x 1.0 in.

① Artwork:


This landscape painting depicts an abundance of flowers and other vegetable matter floating in the sky on a candle-adorned silver tray. This work is an experiment on the absorbency of linen. The artist very lightly primed the material of the canvas to allow the texture and character of the linen to show through—rather than the texture of the paint.

Klein employs classic surrealist tactics in paintings that address the fuzzy edges of memory. The artist's work depicts scenes that resist a single narrative interpretation. Klein's compositions develop a general feeling of tension, featuring central figures that are just out of reach—as if partially obscured behind a layer of frosted glass. The artist's use of both loose painterly brushwork and tightly rendered sections adds an immediacy to the unfolding situations in her work. The results are scenes that allude to moments lodged in our subconscious, despite having lasted for only a split second in reality. In Klein's paintings, Sphinx-like creatures send subliminal messages, while mournful dogs and horses lie wistfully or in the throes of panic. The artist's work pushes viewers just past their comfort zone, exploring when events spin out of control.


12 inches
16 inches
with frame
12.75 inches
16.75 inches

③ Artist:

Rae Klein

Rae Klein's paintings depict the fuzzy edges of memory, creating tense scenes where the central figure is just out of reach. Drawing from surrealist techniques, the artist creates immediacy in her work by employing loose, painterly brushwork alongside tightly rendered sections. Klein’s narrative compositions resist a single interpretation and push viewers just past their comfort zone—exploring how events slip out of our control.


Rae Klein was born in 1995. The artist received a BFA in Painting from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 2017.

Solo exhibitions of Klein’s work include: Low Voice Out Loud at Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles, California (2022); and Waiting in the Field at The Valley in Taos, New Mexico (2021).

Group exhibitions that have shown Klein’s work include: End of Eden at Galerie Wolfsen in Aalborg, Denmark (2022); Todos es de Color at The Curator’s Room in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2022); Paper. at BEERS in London, UK (2022); I Have My Eye On You at Everyday Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium (2021); and When Shit Hits The Fan Again at Guts Gallery in London, UK (2021).

Klein lives and works in Michigan.

Rae Klein:
Banquet, 2022
Oil on linen
16.0 × 12.0 inches /