The artist uses a combination of distorting brushstrokes and computer manipulation to create this work's contrast of colorful irregular forms, an abstraction that is suggestive of a city park scene.

① Artwork:

Untitled (Los Angeles balloon slanger)

The painterly brushstrokes in this work are contrasted by cubes of color, creating an abstract, pixelated scene of a city park. The artist uses digital methods of creation to manipulate reference images used for his paintings. He morphs and distorts these images with both the computer and the paintbrush.


27 inches
32 inches

③ Artist:

Rafael Delacruz

Rafael Delacruz’s paintings blend absurdity with satire. His work chronicles interactions with urban architecture in dystopian landscapes, places where figures blend into street corners and objects transform into body parts. Delacruz distorts and morphs images for his paintings, first with a computer and then with the paintbrush.

Rafael Delacruz:
Untitled (Los Angeles balloon slanger), 2021
Oil on canvas
32.0 × 27.0 inches /