In this image, the artist's body doesn't function as self-representation but rather as a character with no trace of the artist's identity. Klein's work explores the psychological effect of our constant compulsion to perform in the pursuit of the American dream.
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① Artwork:

Grid Mirror (Self-Portrait)

Although the artist uses her own body in her work, she doesn't view the resulting image as a representation of herself. For Klein, the figures in her images are characters with no trace of her personal biography or identity. For her compositions, she remains completely detached and regards herself as a tool. Klein doesn't use self-portraits to work out issues of self-identity but, rather, as a means to hide.

Tania Franco Klein is influenced by the lifestyle that comes with pursuing the American Dream—comprised of leisure and media overstimulation, as well as an obsession with consumption and eternal youth. Her work explores the psychological effect these behaviors have on our everyday private life. When speaking of her work, Klein frequently references Byung-Chul Han. The philosopher conceives of the contemporary moment as an era of exhaustion and fatigue caused by an incessant compulsion to perform.


41.25 inches
27.5 inches

③ Artist:

Tania Franco Klein

Tania Franco Klein’s photography draws from her fascination with social behaviors from leisure to consumption. She depicts anonymous and lonely figures desperately seeking an opportunity to vanish or escape. Klein’s fragmented images, simultaneously fictional and real, explore emotional disconnection and media overstimulation in an era of exhaustion and fatigue.

Tania Franco Klein:
Grid Mirror (Self-Portrait), 2019
Archival pigment print
27.5 × 41.3 inches /