In this composition, the artist, facing away from the camera, is clad in deep brown garments that become one with the earth around her. Klein's work explores ideas of isolation and disappearance in the frenzy of the modern world.
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① Artwork:

Valley (Self-Portrait)

This piece is an example of the artist's frequent depiction of characters melting and vanishing into places as they look for an escape. In this composition, the artist's body becomes one with the earth due to her posture as well as the tonal brown garments she dons.

Tania Franco Klein is influenced by the lifestyle that comes with pursuing the American Dream—comprised of leisure and media overstimulation, as well as an obsession with consumption and eternal youth. Her work explores the psychological effect these behaviors have on our everyday private life. When speaking of her work, Klein frequently references Byung-Chul Han. The philosopher conceives of the contemporary moment as an era of exhaustion and fatigue caused by an incessant compulsion to perform.


39 inches
49 inches

③ Artist:

Tania Franco Klein

Tania Franco Klein’s photography draws from her fascination with social behaviors from leisure to consumption. She depicts anonymous and lonely figures desperately seeking an opportunity to vanish or escape. Klein’s fragmented images, simultaneously fictional and real, explore emotional disconnection and media overstimulation in an era of exhaustion and fatigue.

Tania Franco Klein:
Valley (Self-Portrait), 2019
Archival pigment print
49.0 × 39.0 inches /