Like all of the artist's work, this mixed media composition is an exploration of the history of painting and the possibilities of the form in the present. This work hovers on the border between abstraction and figuration—reading relatively flat from afar, with elements of subtle color and form visible close-up.
Framed: 40.2 x 30.2 in.

① Artwork:

Kingseed Flag

This colorful mixed media composition hovers on the border between abstraction and figuration. Free from a signature style, the artist frequently juxtaposes new and different materials in each of his works. This piece combines oil and acrylic paint with colored pencil, graphite and chalk.

Gahl's practice is, at its core, an engagement with paint and the history of painting. Each of his works is an exploration of the possibilities of the form in the contemporary moment.


30 inches
40 inches
with frame
30.25 inches
40.25 inches

③ Artist:

Ted Gahl

Ted Gahl creates serial artworks free from any signature style. His practice includes experimental sculptural assemblages constructed from a sprawling range of materials and canvases of tightly focused subjects painted with a traditional brush. Gahl explores the possibilities of painting throughout history and the potential of the medium in the contemporary moment.

Ted Gahl:
Kingseed Flag, 2021
Acrylic, oil pastel, colored pencil, chalk, graphite on canvas in artist's frame
40.0 × 30.0 inches /