Tosh Basco’s drawings are the physical and emotional traces of movements she translates directly onto paper. She first gained recognition while performing under the name boychild as part of the San Francisco drag scene in the 2010s. Basco creates her visual work as an accompaniment to her movement-based practice, simultaneously engaging language, representation and becoming, and the boundaries between each.



Tosh Basco was born in California 1988.

Solo exhibitions of her work have taken place at Company Gallery in New York City and Carlos Ishikawa in London, UK. 

Her work has also been presented at: the Venice Biennale; the Sydney Biennial; the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Illinois; MOCA in Los Angeles, California; and ICA London in the UK; among others.

Basco is a co-founder of the collaborative entity Moved by the Motion with Wu Tsang. Collaboration remains a vital aspect of her work.

She currently lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland.