Yves Tessier creates narrative images through his use of casein paint applied to aluminum and wood. For every scene, he draws from both his imagination and real-world observation, including what he sees on television and the internet. Tessier’s compositions are sometimes sensual and humorously erotic, while others are meditative and serene.


Yves Tessier was born in 1955 in Canada. He maintains studios in both Montreal, Quebec and New York City.

Solo exhibitions of Tessier’s work include: Cherry Picnic at SHRINE in New York City; Yves Tessier: Bedroom Walls in Harlem at The Bedroom in New York City and ART 45 in Montreal, Quebec; La courbe des situations at GASO/La galerie d’art d’Outremont and Galerie Laroche/Joncas, both in Montreal, Quebec; Situations récentes II at Project-Mtl Galerie in Montreal, Quebec; and Situations récentes at OPTICA in Montreal, Quebec.

Group exhibitions that have shown Tessier’s work include: NADA: Miami Art Fair in Miami, Florida; esse Bene t Auction: Les éditions esse art + opinions at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, Quebec; Extreme Painting at Projex-Mtl Galerie in Montreal, Quebec; Portrait of a Patron: The Duksta Collection at University of Toronto Art Center in Toronto, Canada; and Été, été at Projex-Mtl Galerie in Montreal, Quebec; among others.