Zoe Barcza

Stockholm-based artist Zoe Barcza paints larger-than-life airbrushed figures, combining them with elements like collage and painted text. Her humorous and surreal compositions investigate cultural, political and social forces on the human body. In Barcza's work, the nude is a permeable boundary between internal and external forces that is in direct conversation with the world.


Zoe Barcza was born in 1984.

Her work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions in international venues, including: Bianca D’Alessandro in Copenhagen, Denmark (2021 and 2018); Bodega in New York City (2020); Croy Nielsen in Vienna, Austria (2018); Bonny Poon in Paris, France (2018); In Extenso in Clermont-Ferrand, France (2017); and Francois Ghebaly in Los Angeles, California (2016); among others.

Numerous venues have also show Barcza's work in group exhibitions, including: Haus der Kunst in Oslo, Norway (2020); Centre d’art contemporain - la synagogue de Delme in Delme, France (2019); Ginerva Gambino in Cologne, Germany (2019); Galería Mascota in Mexico City (2017); Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, Denmark (2017); and Team Gallery in New York City (2017); among others.

Barcza lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.