Asya Geisberg Gallery opened in late 2010 with a mission to create a space where ideas about art, and art about ideas, were at the forefront. The gallery's program is visually eclectic and conceptually focused, encompassing work in all media. The gallery represents young emerging artists as well as international artists otherwise unrepresented in the United States. Many work across multiple media, such as Marjolijn de Wit, who places ceramics with photography, painting and installation, or Julie Schenkelberg, whose large scale installation and sculpture use found objects and construction materials to engage with the American Rust Belt's legacy of abandonment and decay, rebirth and memory. Asya Geisberg artists have been reviewed in "The New York Times," "Artforum," "The New Yorker," "The Wall Street Journal," and international publications. Asya Geisberg Gallery is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) and ArtTable.


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